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The Spin

A Angel/BtVS Character-Play
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This is a BtVS/Angel spinoff character playing game based on alternate events in the early season 7 of Buffy and the early season 4 of Angel. Beginning with a alternate Act II of Spin the Bottle (and incorporating many elements from Tabula Rasa), the alteration in reality spread across dimensions.

Now every white, grey, and rainbow hat and little, medium, or big bad has had their memory blanked out- except for the Scoobie's who were influenced by Willow's spell in Tabula Rasa- they have a partial memory of those events. So Randy is still 'Gile's son', Ganya is happening, etc.

It's 24 months behind real time. So it's 2002... technically diverging from the canon timeline around October 8th.

I ask that scenes of a adult nature be posted under lj-cuts. While the goal can be for a scene to be centered around sex or violence please original and consistent to the character you are writing.

Your mod is Wesley.

The out of character community for the mun's here is thespinners


  • Warmly greet new people. Talk with them.
  • Use your smarts when writing your posts. A few paragraphs.. a storyline.. twice or more a week. Keep those comments coming on people's posts. Keep the flow moving.
  • Post only PG-13 level content to the comm. If content is written elsewhere that is more adult then that- then only make a PG-13 post where your character refers to that.
  • Respect. Dignity. Just do it.
  • Bring all real problems to the mod. Do not take up my time with idle questioning.
  • Write your character with all the facets and limitations and orientations of who they are.
  • Only use other people's characters in your post the way they want you to.
  • Try to expand the limits of the imagination without jumping the shark.
  • Think about the consequences of your plot. No major character death without mod permission.
  • Establish a environment of respect and consideration for the other people here.

    Applications should be sent to wesley.pryce@gmail.com.

    Sample Pose: