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Waking up in the wet wet grass...

I look up at the starry sky and smile at it's beauty. It takes me a few minutes for it to hit me. Who am I? I stood up and whirled around clearly confused. I didn'tknow what to do, where to go... I then stopped and stood.

I try to remember everything. Anything about me. I look in my pockets and find a business card. Well, I'm a construction worker. I'm probabally a "burly man" as I imitate the classic SNL skit. Ok, so I'm funny. I smile at the thought of me knowing myelf. And then I smile at how bad that sentence was.

I start to walk toward the random house I woke up next to. Okay, maybe it's mine. I slowly walk and hear voices inside. Voices! Voices that might know me! I get really excited and run inside to see...nobody. A kitchen.

Okay. I ask myself, does anything look familiar, any picture? I exit the kitchen and spot a picture on the table. It's me! And two other women. I was ontop on one of them. Maybe she' my girl. I definitely smile at that thought.

There is one scene I remember. Tying a blonde guy to a chair. Okay so I might be gay. This really hurts my head. I decide to lean against the wall and think. That doesn't help much at all.

I walk up the stairs hoping to see someone I recognize. In the hallway I hear voices and wait for people to find me. It's not because I have no voice, I just think it's better for them to find me and not be surprised.

((Tag anyone upstairs who might know me))
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