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Wesley Pryce

It had been a interesting couple of days. Wesley had settled into the life of living with this strange band of people. They had discovered enough pocket money in order for them to cover necessities such as groceries and newspapers although some were finding it difficult to adjust. When Wesley discovered Winifred he looked to her for long moments with a concerned look on his face. "It appears you are in need of this substance that you call 'weed'. Perhaps finding a chemists shop that carries this substance may prove beneficial in elevating your mood?"

Winifred tried her best not to squirm, her discomfort apparent, "Um...I really don't think your average chemist would carry it. It had very select...dealers..." She tried to smile reassuringly, but somehow managed to fail even at that. "It's kinda hard to explain."

"Then it appears our quest may be with some obstacles." he replied holding up his jacket and one that he thought would fit her. "Let us sally forth and win the day to please your maiden heart." he said proud that he remembered the terminology from the old romance classics of europe with knights and honor and so forth from his days at school at South Hampton.

Fred didn't really know how to react to this man. He was definately /weird/. None of the boys back at school did any of that. They didn't speak in prose, or try to help her score some weed. She wondered if he actually believed in chivalry, or if he was just trying to get her in bed.She ignored all of that for the moment, taking the jacket from him, "Thanks. Sallying forth sounds like fun."

"Of course." he replied as he opened the door. He lifted his nose as he scented the air and smiled. It was a glorious day to score 'weed' he began walking briskly forth to see what manner of adventure they would have.

Fred followed him out the door, idly wondering where to find the nearest dealer. She really /should/ be worried about how they had gotten there. Or a way to get

Wesley led the way down into the neighborhoods. He appeared to be enjoying their little outing.

Fred looked around, noting the differences from her own home. The cars were different for one, sleeker. And there were all sorts of new electronic devices. "Hey, do you think we've been kidnapped by aliens?"

He also noticed the vehicles. For one they were in a strange country. And for two... "Yes, they do appear to be very futuristic Stateside models." he commented. "I think we have perhaps been abducted... although the exact identity cannot be confirmed."

"By Aliens? That'd make sense. I mean, there'ss all this stuff that wasn't there where I'm from." She pointed at some odd device, "I mean, what happened to walkmans and cd players. THey got real tiny. I bet the aliens got all confused about our technology!"

Wesley also looked at the devices. Indeed, he was puzzled by this advanced technology. "Of course. Now instead of having large and bulky things we now have tiny bulky things." he commented with interest in the technological side of this new 'alien' culture (to him).

"Maybe they're doing some sort of experiment!" Fred was really getting into her theory now, "Like, maybe they are trying to replicate human culture,and they screwed up. Maybe everyone else is only pretending to be human." She stopped, staring at Wesley, "Maybe /you/ are only pretending to be human. D'you have antennae?"

"I'm fairly certain I do not." Wesley replied feeling around his head for the bumps. He furrowed his forehead and thought about it for long moments. "Although perhaps- just maybe- seeing as no further attacks have happened in such a long period of time- perhaps what happened to us was a fluke of nature."

"Or an Alien Experiment. Maybe they want to see us...do whatever it is they want to see..." Fred wasn't about to let the idea slip. "Unless it was the governement."

Yeah, she really was going to need her fix.

"Yes, the government." Wesley continues as he keeps his eye out for a individual that might assist them in this matter. He sees a certain raggey individual that looks like he might be able to help them.

"You see anything interesting?" Fred peered around him, trying to follow his gaze. "What exactly /are/ you looking for?"

Wesley peers from the individual to Fred again. "Someone who might assist us in this quest of yours."

"Huh. You think so?" Fred tilted her head, peering at the person. "Doesn't look like the type who can. Not from my experience anyhow."

"Well alright then. Perhaps we s hould continue onwards." Wesley replied as he looked left and right. "I prefer that we take the left road int

o the neighborhoods although the right road might do just as well."
"What's the difference?" She looked at both the roads, quizzically, "Is one a steeper climb, or longer? I hate roads with lots of hills, it just drains all of the energy out of you."

"And here I was thinking you appeared to be younger then I was." Wesley replied as he focused his attention on this problem. "I wish we had a map." he said and waited for long moments and then when a old lady dressed in purple came by walking her dog he touched her by the arm. "Excuse me, but do you know where we might find some weeds?" he asked. The lady gave him a stern expression and muttered something about crazy and walked on.

Fred giggled, "We're not looking for any old weeds, silly! If I was, I'd just hop over to that field and pick some dandilions!" She smiled at him, "We're looking for an illegal type, so asking people'd be a really bad idea."

"So then how do we 'score'?" Wesley asked with some serious aplomb as he gazed to her and put his hands on his hips. "This is a strange town. And I am completely unused to this sort of activity."

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