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Sleep Well. Buffy - Angel

Buffy walked into her bedroom and switched on the light she led Angel over towards her bed "please, sit" she smiles at him "so you really think your from like a long time ago because thats....weird"

"Last thing I remember is talking to my father about the virtues of the church. I wake up in this strange land." Angel looked around the room, his gaze settling on the mirror and his reflection not staring back at him. His eyes widened. "Is that broken?"

Buffy quickly turns to the mirror and sees only her reflection her eyes widen as she quickly turns back to Angel "whatever happened to us must have made you...invisable in mirrors! or..oh..a ghost! or..a vampire! but none of those things are real"

Angel touched his face and then walked to the mirror. "I am mostly certainly not a ghost. Vampires though miss do exist, they are vile demons the church has warned the masses about."

"are..are you a vampire?" she slowly backed away "I mean you could be, and you don't remember it"

"I don't think so?" Angel frowned, "How would one know these things?" His eyes looked at the contents of the top of her dresser. A cross, that would protect them both. He went to pick it up and his skin began to smoke. "EGADS! I am a thing of Satan."

Buffy screamed as Angel dropped the cross "you...you are a vampire!" Buffy backs away and is stopped by the wall "ma..maybe your a good vampire? like that one in the Anne Rice books"

"I dont't fear evil." Angel frowned, "Whom is this Anne Rice?" He walked towards her feeling a bit of glee that she was afraid. This could not be right. He was a gentle man.

Buffy cringed as Angel advanced towards her "sh..she was a writer. there was a gentle in her books" Buffy tried to move pass Angel

Angel quickly covered the span of the room, stilling her movements. "Buffy I wish you no foul. Please trust me. I am not a monster." At least I don't think I am.

Buffys anxiety relieved a little, there was something about this man...vampire, whoever he was that made her feel safe, secure, it was as if she knew him very well and he knew her just as well "o-okay" she stepped towards him

Angel wrapped the demure woman in his arms. "I believe we've both had a scare for the evening. Perhaps in the morning we will be more aware of what has taken place."

Buffy welcomed his embrace "you're right, I think sleep will do everyone some good"

"I will slumber by your side on the floor to protect you from all that could endanger us." Angel said in a firm but gentle voice. Where is the lilt? Did becoming a demon remove that from me?

Buffy shook her head "I can't let you do that, we will share the bed" she smiled and walked over to her dresser she saw a chain with a cross in a small open jewlery box, she felt it was very important to her, someone she loved very much had given it to her, she clutches it tightly and places it back in the jewelry box and turns to Angel "well, you gonna get in?"

Angel stared at the bed and then at the floor. "Miss Buffy it wouldn't be fitting to do so. Please forgive me, but I don't think you are the kind of woman that would welcome a strange man into your bed."

Buffy smiled at Angel "I really don't know what kind of woman I am" she walks over to the bed and throws Angel a pillow and puts a blanket on the floor beside her bed, she turns out the lights and gets into bed "sleep well Angel"

"I sense a very strong and powerful woman." Angel smiled at her. "I will protect you with my life." He laid down to try to sleep and only then realized that the constant thumping he had heard throughout the night was her heart beating. It had a beautiful melody to it. Intoxicating. As his eyes closed he sighed still listening to the gentle sway of blood rushing though her veins. More beautiful music had never been heard.
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