b_summers22 (b_summers22) wrote in thespin,

Waking Up.

Buffys eyes flutter open, it was dark and she was laying on a carpeted floor "uh..my head" she whispers to herself.

she slowly gets to her feet "what the? where am I?...who am I?" she looks around the room, she screams when she sees a blond girl staring at her, but then realizes she is looking at herself in a mirror "good job, wig yourself out"

Buffy sees pictures on the night table and investigates, she sees herself with an older woman who she suspected is her mother, and a girl of about 15 "probably an annoying sister, goody" she mumbles as she opens the top drawer of the night stand, she reaches in and picks up a pointy wooden stick, she looks at it confused "this is totally weird, I must be building a mini-fence..or maybe its a new form of self defence" she shrugs and throws it back into the night stand.

Buffy then sees a purse sitting on the bed, she grabs it and starts to look through it, she pulls out an ID and looks at it "Buffy Anne Summers" he face cringes in disgust "Buffy?! what kind of name is Buffy! I sound like a porn star! ugh!" she runs to the door and opens it and yells "MOM!" she runs down the stairs "Mom! we so need to talk!"

Open to anyone else in the Summers house
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