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Waking up in the wet wet grass... [18 Nov 2004|08:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I look up at the starry sky and smile at it's beauty. It takes me a few minutes for it to hit me. Who am I? I stood up and whirled around clearly confused. I didn'tknow what to do, where to go... I then stopped and stood.

I try to remember everything. Anything about me. I look in my pockets and find a business card. Well, I'm a construction worker. I'm probabally a "burly man" as I imitate the classic SNL skit. Ok, so I'm funny. I smile at the thought of me knowing myelf. And then I smile at how bad that sentence was.

I start to walk toward the random house I woke up next to. Okay, maybe it's mine. I slowly walk and hear voices inside. Voices! Voices that might know me! I get really excited and run inside to see...nobody. A kitchen.

Okay. I ask myself, does anything look familiar, any picture? I exit the kitchen and spot a picture on the table. It's me! And two other women. I was ontop on one of them. Maybe she' my girl. I definitely smile at that thought.

There is one scene I remember. Tying a blonde guy to a chair. Okay so I might be gay. This really hurts my head. I decide to lean against the wall and think. That doesn't help much at all.

I walk up the stairs hoping to see someone I recognize. In the hallway I hear voices and wait for people to find me. It's not because I have no voice, I just think it's better for them to find me and not be surprised.

((Tag anyone upstairs who might know me))

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[17 Nov 2004|09:48pm]

It had been a interesting couple of days. Wesley had settled into the life of living with this strange band of people. They had discovered enough pocket money in order for them to cover necessities such as groceries and newspapers although some were finding it difficult to adjust. When Wesley discovered Winifred he looked to her for long moments with a concerned look on his face. "It appears you are in need of this substance that you call 'weed'. Perhaps finding a chemists shop that carries this substance may prove beneficial in elevating your mood?"

Winifred tried her best not to squirm, her discomfort apparent, "Um...I really don't think your average chemist would carry it. It had very select...dealers..." She tried to smile reassuringly, but somehow managed to fail even at that. "It's kinda hard to explain."

"Then it appears our quest may be with some obstacles." he replied holding up his jacket and one that he thought would fit her. "Let us sally forth and win the day to please your maiden heart." he said proud that he remembered the terminology from the old romance classics of europe with knights and honor and so forth from his days at school at South Hampton.

Fred didn't really know how to react to this man. He was definately /weird/. None of the boys back at school did any of that. They didn't speak in prose, or try to help her score some weed. She wondered if he actually believed in chivalry, or if he was just trying to get her in bed.She ignored all of that for the moment, taking the jacket from him, "Thanks. Sallying forth sounds like fun."

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[14 Nov 2004|02:47pm]

We settled the sleeping arrangements with a minimum of fuss. Finding ourselves in the bedroom of a adolescent girl with only one bed did present a certain problem in sleeping logistics.

However, despite the forced intimacies of the situation we did the honorable thing and refrained from a affair.

Of course there were the small matters of us having a minimum of privacy. She confidently undressed in front of me which led to me making a honest assessment of her form and shape. I think she appreciated that.

We slept on our own sides of the bed without touching each other. She is a very stunning and gorgeous woman and I credit our self control to the possibility that I am bent as she initially suggested upon our first encounter.

Either that, or it's because I'm British.
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Sleep Well. Buffy - Angel [13 Nov 2004|11:46pm]

Buffy walked into her bedroom and switched on the light she led Angel over towards her bed "please, sit" she smiles at him "so you really think your from like a long time ago because thats....weird"

"Last thing I remember is talking to my father about the virtues of the church. I wake up in this strange land." Angel looked around the room, his gaze settling on the mirror and his reflection not staring back at him. His eyes widened. "Is that broken?"

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[14 Nov 2004|12:39am]

Angel looked around at the assortment of people in the room. They all were dressed in an odd way. And two of them appeared to be rather close if the state of their garments proved telling.

Buffy enters the kitchen and looks around "why do I have a feeling moms not going to be so happy when she sees all thses people passed out in her house" she turns to Faith "I bet it was you! you and your leather clad-ness!"

Faith started laughing. "Oh yea, Sorry no drugs on my person, but if you wanna think that go for it!" She looked over at the two men in the room and smiled. Okay odds not on the side of the girls but she had to be the hottest one in the room.

Striding boldly in front of Lilah to protect her from whatever danger she might find herself (bad fashion included) Wesley nobly strikes a pose and looks around (making certain to evaluate everyones attire and rate it). "Drugs-!"he stated sweeping his right palm in a arc encompassing the entire room. - "Are forbidden here." he says in his stately commanding voice. After all- he was Head Boy!
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Waking Up. [13 Nov 2004|05:35pm]

Buffys eyes flutter open, it was dark and she was laying on a carpeted floor "uh..my head" she whispers to herself.

she slowly gets to her feet "what the? where am I?...who am I?" she looks around the room, she screams when she sees a blond girl staring at her, but then realizes she is looking at herself in a mirror "good job, wig yourself out"

Buffy sees pictures on the night table and investigates, she sees herself with an older woman who she suspected is her mother, and a girl of about 15 "probably an annoying sister, goody" she mumbles as she opens the top drawer of the night stand, she reaches in and picks up a pointy wooden stick, she looks at it confused "this is totally weird, I must be building a mini-fence..or maybe its a new form of self defence" she shrugs and throws it back into the night stand.

Buffy then sees a purse sitting on the bed, she grabs it and starts to look through it, she pulls out an ID and looks at it "Buffy Anne Summers" he face cringes in disgust "Buffy?! what kind of name is Buffy! I sound like a porn star! ugh!" she runs to the door and opens it and yells "MOM!" she runs down the stairs "Mom! we so need to talk!"

Open to anyone else in the Summers house
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in the world of Oz [12 Nov 2004|06:46pm]

Lilah sighed as she laid in the bed. Why Wesley insisted on helping that rag-tag group of imbiciles she would never fathom. And after the way they shunned him. She knew it was part of the makeup of the man but she didn't have to like it. When he returned from being with the lily white toad squad she owuld be there naked and willing in his bed and their lovemaking would be the last thought of the night.

I woke up feeling chilled to the bone. My eyes saw blackness all around and what am I laying on. Cement? Okay where am I? Basement, some basement. And shit my clothes aren;t where they should be, like on my body. This is so not good. In a world of PCness not good.

I mademy way to the stairs leading up, grabbing a sheet hanging up on the way. Wrapping it around myself like a toga I smiled. I
had to be at some party and got way to drunk and wandered off. Not like it was the first time.....or.......okay I haven't a clue if it is or not.

I opened the door at the top of the stairs and called out to anyone, someone.

"Anyone here know me and what the hell drugs are we taking?"
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[12 Nov 2004|11:40am]

These poor lost souls. I should be praying for them all but I first have to pray for my own. When I wake up from
this interesting dream I will have to paint the images before they live my thoughts altogether. For this has to be a
dream. Anything else would be insanity. I left the house, which is seriously in the need of being burnt down for the sinful
things that abound. Outside there are metal carriages that move at a speed that is truly terrifying.

My garments are not of the style I am used to. They do feel softer to the skin.

I hear one of them speaking and ..........of course one of the British pigs had to have bewitched us all.

They look in the pockets. Women have pockets? They wear men's clothing? This world is surely Hell.

I have died. The pub was open and i had to much to drink and hit my head and died. And landed in Hell.

My poor family must be in mourning at this very hour.

And surrounded by pigs and pagans and those who are undoubtably sinful. Of course they are, for we are in Hell.

Looking in my own pocket I see a name. Angel Angelus. I am Angel. This does help sort me a little.

"I appear to be named Angel."

WHAT!! My voice is not of my own. Where is my lilt?

I am in need of spirits to get me over this encounter.
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[12 Nov 2004|11:28am]

Okay, someone passed me some wicked drugs and I umm wind up in Mary Poppins land. But hey, it's oblivious I am like the one in charge cause none of these babies have a clue of what the world really is. Okay I don't have a clue either but once the drugs fade and we're back to the mellowness of the aftertaste I am sure as hell gonna be on top.

On top.

That Xander guy seems like an interesting take on that thought.

"Yo! Xander, he's mine."

That's right. I may not know shit but I do know this: WANT, TAKE, HAVE. A motto that will get a girl pretty far in life.

I look over my ID again. Either I am in a wicked tough military school or the gang leader of juvie. If it's the latter ain't no way the cops are gonna get me back there.

"Oh, by the way. Name is Faith."

I pocket the ID, they don't have to know I may be a serial killer. Wish I knew if I was.
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thespin [02 Nov 2004|08:58am]

[ mood | awake ]

The first thing I see when I open my eyes are something very pink and very fluffy. Huh? What is... oh, a pink rabbit slipper. I wonder if it’s mine… But I doubt that, I don’t see myself ever wearing something like that. It’s just disgusting, really...

Where am I? I look around and see few sleeping girls. Do I know them? I don’t think I do. I don’t remember them. I don’t remember period. That’s kinda weird, isn’t it? I can’t seem to be bothered by it, though... weird. I wonder if I should wake these girls up. They will wake up by themselves shortly. How do I know that?

Probably the same I know something is really off. A spell. Or something. Magic. I know no one remembers who they are. How can this be? It’s not possible for a person to know the future... is it? Obviously, I can. I wonder if anyone else in this room can. Maybe we’re like... superheroes. We could be. Maybe.

I should look for an ID. Ok, not in this pocket. Not in this one either. God, I do wear black a lot. My bet I’m a goth. I feel like a goth. I might be a goth. Oh, ID! Cassy. Cassy Newton. I hope that girl in the pic is me. I’m cute. Bit depressive, but cute... Cassy is a good name to have. I like it. Ok. Now I just need to sit and wait everyone else waking up. Won’t take long...

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Who? What? Where? When? Why? [01 Nov 2004|06:23pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

All good questions. Now, someone’s lips better start flapping with some answers that are just as good, if not better! If not, its law suits all around. Just wait till daddy hears about this...

Looking around suspiciously, I eyed each person critically. Neither of them looked like an evil genius mastermind, but looks may be deceiving. Believe me, I know. I’ve dated my fair share of supposed prince charmings who just ended up being frogs. Actually, no, there is nothing fair about the amount come to think of it.

At this point, my money is on the stick figure with hair. Sure, she lays on a nice thick layer of the sweet Southern Belle act, but I can see right through her flimsy sugar coating. Anybody who would wear that sweater with those shoes is definitely two fries short of a happy meal and thus...I give you our perfect suspect for any evil that’s going on.

Yes, even masterminds can speak with a southern twang. Her hey y’all’s are fooling no one.

“Okay, I’ve got some questions for you bunch of...people, and believe me when I say a wrong answer will be a factor on how well you survive in the rest of this game...”

Crossing my arms I inhaled and tried to seem calm, but all that was shot to hell once I reopened my mouth...

“Who the hell are you people? What the hell am I doing here? Where on God’s green earth are we, because the decor is an eye sore. When exactly can I get away from you looneys? And lastly...why does everything happen to me...?”

It’s true, bad things always do happen to the best of people. Its like some screw up natural law of this insane world. And I’m obviously this laws target way too often.

Placing a hand over my mouth I gasped as my eyes widened.

“Oh god...oh god-oh god-oh god!I had a hair appointment at Stephen’s today at 12! Do any of you know how long the waiting list for that place is?!” I looked them over once again...then scoffed. “Dumb question. Why would any of you know? Alright, consider the bitch-switch flipped on. I need names people! And...social security numbers wouldn’t be out of the question...”

What? I need some kind of information to give the police.

“Actually...maybe I should throw in phone number too....”

Mr. Blue eyed 5 o’clock shadow was pretty studly. Ugh! What the hell am I thinking? He could be the enemy.

((This was kind of a quick thing thrown together. lemme know if editing is needed))

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[31 Oct 2004|01:30am]

“Aud I am hungry! Where is my food?” He stinks of Women and I am not happy with this, him coming home after making merry with women and demanding I feed him.

“You are late so I have no food for you.” I tell him and make no move to be any closer, I do not want his caresses, his dirty hugs.

“But my sweet Aud, that is what you are here for, you are to supply my with food and I give you protection. You must supply your end of the bargain.” I grow tired of his way of talking, grow very tired indeed.

‘That is not fair, I must supply you with food multiple times a day and when do you supply me with protection, very rarely do I need your protection.” I said and of course I know he will not hear.

“Aud you are the strangest of the women here.” He says and dares to laugh!

“I saw you with Rannveig today.” I blurt out, was holding it in but cannot any longer.

“I told you not to believe those rumors.” He says lamely but full of gusto like always.

“I /saw/ you myself!” I nearly scream, why must he play these games.

“I told you she means nothing..nothing….”

“Nothing…” I say opening my eyes and looking around.. “ I remember nothing..”

(open to anyone in the magic box)
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[29 Oct 2004|03:52pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

It was a very complex conundrum, which I was busy solving.

I stood there in the American living room attempting to solve this mystery of why we were all here.

Apparently none of us entirely recognized the other which made it difficult to ascertain what was going on.

We were situated in a roughly twelve by fifteen feet living room with exits to the front door, back door, kitchen, basement, and stairs. There was a couch, desks, a rug and it was relatively warm and none of us knew what or why we were here.

How I came from the Watchers Academy to this is obviously some sort of trap or crafting. P

eril may be waiting behind any door but none shall harm us or my name is not- is not-

What is my name?

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